Tax Return Analysis Workshop - "Examine Self-Employed Borrowers"

Tax Return Analysis Self Employed Borrower Training
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This Tax Return Analysis Workshop is a fully interactive 6-hour online webinar designed to teach you how to analyze personal tax returns. You'll learn the fundamental underwriting rules for examining Self Employed Borrowers and their income. You'll walk away with a complete understanding of how to use the Cash Flow Analysis Method to help calculate income from tax returns as well as an overview of IRAS Form 1040, Schedule A and Form 2106, Schedule B, Schedule C, Schedule E including Rental income and Partnership and S Corp K-1s. The course begins with a discussion about analyzing personal tax returns to determine a projected income, and you'll have the opportunity to view a variety of tax returns and discuss scenarios that could lead to further requirements.

Enroll today, and we'll teach you everything from A to Z in order to develop the necessary skills to work with self-employed borrowers!


  • Describe What Constitutes a Complete Tax Return and How to Identify Signs of Fraud
  • Identify Income Trends and Non-Recurring Situations Used in Analysis
  • Analyze Wage and Tip Income Including the Non-Cash and Pre-Tax Benefits Associated with the Source of Income
  • Analyze Taxable and Non-Taxable Interest and Dividend Income
  • Describe and Calculate the Source of Income Information on Schedule C
  • Explain and Calculate Capital Gains and Losses
  • Differentiate the Areas on Schedule E and Calculate Rental Income
  • OPEN FORUM Q&A - Ask the Expert


  • Live, Instructor-Led Online Webinar
  • Fully Interactive -- Ability to Ask Questions to Instructor
  • FREE Unlimited Training for 1 Year
  • 6 Hours Total
  • All Course Material Included
  • Certificate of Completion E-mailed as a PDF File
  • Recorded Self-Study Included at NO Extra Charge, Watch 24/7
  • Job Placement Resources (Upon Request)


Any mortgage professional working with self-employed borrowers, with a primarily focus on mortgage underwriters, loan processors and originators who are not fully comfortably analyzing tax returns.


1. You need a Computer, Internet Connection (DSL speed or higher), and Computer Speakers.
2. Each day of class you will be emailed an invite with your log-in/password. From here, you can click the link, enter your password, and download/print that day's course materials. Finally, you'll be able to log into the class up to 1/2 hour before the class start time.
3. Once the class starts, you will hear the instructor speak through your computer speakers. You will also have the ability to ask questions through the online chat feature located on the right-hand side of our online training platform. We encourage you to ask LOTS OF QUESTIONS!


With an average of 20+ years of mortgage underwriting & loan processing experience, each instructor is knowledgeable in the following areas: FHA, VA, Residential, Conventional, Commercial, USDA Rural Housing Loans, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Tax Returns Analysis, DTI, LTV, Calculating Income, DU/LP, CFPB Regulations, Servicing, Quality Control, Closing, Post-Closing and more. Once you register, you'll have the ability to email us your questions at any time for a period of 1 year, and we'll forward your questions directly to the instructor.


You will need the following: 1) a Computer, 2) Internet (DSL or higher) and 3) Computer Speakers. Please check beforehand to make sure these items are working properly. Note: dial-up internet connection will not work and wireless internet must have a full signal.


Upon successful course completion, you will be emailed your Certificate of Completion within 5-7 business days.


"Your Tax Return webinar was excellent! My staff needed this type of training for some time, and this workshop helps our company and staff tremendously. I was very pleased with the instructor's depth of knowledge as well as her patience in explaining everything to us. Thank you again for all your help!" - Susan Graham, Junior Underwriter, Sarasota, FL


Each LIVE class has NO more than 30 students. With this in mind, live classes typically fill up 1-3 weeks ahead of time. NOTE: It is highly recommended you reserve your spot early for the live session, and in the meantime, we can provide you with the Recorded Self-Study (at no extra cost), so you can begin your training immediately.

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